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A colour analysis is beneficial in conjunction with other styling services or useful on its own. The aim is to assist the client in achieving clarity on the most complimentary colours to ensure they look and feel their best.

1. Needs analysis

Prior to any styling session I ask new clients to complete a copy of my new client questionnaire. This assists me in defining a clear goal for your session, understand your expectations and tailor the package to your needs.

2. Get prepared

The session will take place in your home, office or virtually online. Basically anywhere where we can utilise good lighting. If you are completing the session online you will be asked to complete a series of steps prior which include taking several photographs of your face and answering some questions.

3. The process

The process utilises a series of coloured fabric drapes in both warm and cool tones and of various intensity. The fabric will be draped in front of your face using a mirror and good lighting. Through the process I will discuss each colour and relate the findings back to your wardrobe and unique requirements and lifestyle. There are various different colour methods that consultants use, which basically all achieve the same result, however with different terminology. I use the seasonal method which I find most people can easily relate to.

4. The determination

Once we have your colour analysis determination you will have the opportunity to ask any questions, review your makeup colours or if the session has taken place in your home, review any key pieces in your wardrobe that you may have questions about. You will relieve a personalised colour swatch booklet to use as a reference when shopping.

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