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Each week Caitlin is contacted by individuals seeking to gain information and insight into working in the Personal Styling profession. Many have completed a styling course, however are still stuck when it comes to executing all they have learned.​ 

The hard truth if you're ready to hear it.... Only a small percentage of Stylist’s actually make a decent living out of styling! Many are backed financially by other means or have part time external jobs, contrary to what you may see online. The rest usually disappear before too long, which is so disappointing.


There are styling schools producing a plethora of trained Stylists each month who soon find themselves floundering in a market that is over saturated what what's worse, everyone is doing the same thing. Please no more dancing videos showing people how to wear a belt three ways!

Caitlin is a certified (Cert IV) workplace trainer with 10 years experience both lecturing and working closely alongside students. She possesses a wealth of experience in both the fashion and image consulting industries and has worked across almost every area of styling. She has worked as a Personal Stylist and Image Consultant for 17 years and holds an impressive database of regular clients who keep her in business. Caitlin attributes effective networking and strong relationships to her success.

Caitlin has mentored and trained a large number of students in the field of business and styling, many who fall into the handful of successful businesses. Many of the successful Personal Stylist's out there today were Caitlin's students! Caitlin works as a Personal Stylist in a full-time capacity across a broad range of styling projects with this being her career not a side business.

Caitlin's coaching sessions do not follow a rigid coaching model as she finds it quite constraining for the coachee. Emphasis is placed on the process of coaching and responding to the coachee and their individual needs.


















 So how is this different to all the other coaching offerings on the market?

When Caitlin's business was in it's initial growth stage she reached out to several generic Business Coaches. She discovered that there were constraints around working with these professionals as they did not understand the nature of the styling industry, the target client and the fashion and creative industry on a whole. What they offered her was generic business advice which didn't fit the unique mould of a fashion consulting business, hence it wasn't as successful as Caitlin had hoped for. The main reason was simple, they had never built a successful styling business themselves!

Why Caitlin?

She has been there, built a successful styling business from scratch and knows the market and the industry intimately. knows the industry and is currently running a successful business of this nature.

Whilst qualifications are always highly regarded, being a competitive unregulated industry a certificate or piece of paper is not necessarily your entry key to styling. Potential clients want to know who you are, what you have to offer and how highly recommended you are. 

Areas of focus may include the below, however Caitlin encourages you to tell her what she can do for you;

  • Developing your business plan – getting started

  • Portfolio or CV?

  • Your market niche 

  • Advice on study and training 

  • Determining your target market and your ‘unique selling proposition’

  • Personal shopping – how to and the do’s and don’t of consultant etiquette based on Caitlin’s Fashion training in Milan

  • How to conduct a wardrobe consultation

  • Website and marketing advice

  • How to get clients

  • Tips for networking and building relationships

  • Branding and visually presenting yourself 

  • Competitor analysis

  • Marketing

  • Structuring your pricing

  • General tips for starting a consulting business

  • Business boosting

  • Social media angle 

How are the coaching sessions structured?


Business coaching sessions can be taken hourly or packaged over a 3 or 6 month period which offers follow up questions and continual support over the duration of the coaching period. Due to the diverse styling arena topics do not follow a generic module rather they are tailored to the clients individual needs and level of advancement. This means you are not locked in covering content that you already know or isn't suitable to your specific business model. Quite often it might just be a one off 1 hour brainstorming session that does the job. Most sessions are completed online, however some sessions are taken as practical sessions out in the field when and if required.




Basic Starter Package

New client questionnaire

Initial 1 hour and 15 minute consultation

3 x 1 hour consultations (to be taken within a 3 month period)

30 minute follow up documentation after each session with tips, worksheets and written guidance

Unlimited email support for the 3 month period

This is a great starter package to get you off and running and in many cases this is all client's need to give their business the boost they require. Clients may have completed a course or one of the MY STYLIST MENTOR Masterclass Workshops previously and just need the additional guidance to put everything they know into practice. If you feel you need additional sessions they can be taken on a 'one off' basis or a special package can be tailored to your individual needs.

One Off Single Coaching Session

New client questionnaire

1.5 hour consultation

Follow up email to clarify anything we covered in our session

This is a great option for you  if you have a few questions or a single dilemma that you would like to work through or perhaps you feel a little stuck. A one off single session is a great way to get you off and flying again in no time or to get some valuable advise to assist you with your business.

Elite Coaching Package

New client questionnaire

1.5 hour initial consultation

9 x 1 hour coaching sessions to be taken within a 6 month period with a follow up 30 minute phone call a few weeks after each session

30 minute follow up documentation after each session with tips, worksheets and written guidance

Unlimited email questions for the 6 month coaching period

This is a great option for you if you are serious about developing your business into a lucrative full-time career. You may be starting your business from scratch, have just completed training and want longer term 'one on one' guidance with a no bull approach and real results. You might also have skills within the styling industry, however are stuck when it comes to taking your passion to the next level. At each session Caitlin makes you accountable, driving your to push yourself out of your comfort zone and get those results.

Caitlin MSM_142_12x8_WEB.jpg

"I am so incredibly lucky to wake up each day and do what I love. My CV is diverse and impressive and I am humbled to have been able to work with a range of notable companies and inspiring individuals. I welcome the opportunity to guide you in the direction that inspires you"

- Caitlin

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