Online Styling Sessions                                           

An online consultation is advantageous for those who live in rural areas or would prefer to undertake in the privacy of their own home. Caitlin has an increasing number of interstate and rural clients who benefit from regular online sessions in addition to their seasonal shopping trips.




An online consultation takes a little effort and energy on the client’s part as Caitlin guides you through your wardrobe organisation. The session is completed at the client's leisure through undertaking a series of steps within a 3 month time frame. There is a flat cost for the package provided the process is complete within the allocated 3 month time frame. Most clients like to complete sooner whilst they have the momentum, however Caitlin will be available for that 3 month period to assist with any wardrobe queries.

The Process

The process is broken down in a series of steps which you work on together with Caitlin to guide you through the method of culling, re working and seasonal planning of your wardrobe. It includes several phone, face-time, Skype or Zoom sessions and unlimited emails and feedback all designed to set you in good stead for a new season wardrobe update or to better utilise your existing wardrobe.

You will be sent the steps one at a time and they include the culling process, body shape analysis for personal styling and an online portfolio collaboration and shopping plan. Caitlin will also send you an pdf style booklet with key dressing guidelines personalised to you for you to keep handy.

If you would like more information, to book or a detailed break down please CONTACT CAITLIN.


An online Style & Body Analysis is a great way to determine your body shape and the best cuts and styles of clothing that work to suit you. Our body shape rarely changes even with weight loss and weight gain, however learning the key dressing guidelines for when it comes to dressing your shape can provide you with some clarity, direction and ease when it comes to shopping both in store and online for your seasonal wardrobe. This is a simplified version of the Style & Body Analysis that Caitlin conduct's in client's homes and does not include a wardrobe consultation or review, however is a great mini session for those who want the key facts on dressing their shape and a useful resource to refer to moving forward.

The Process

Upon booking you will be asked to fill out an online questionnaire as well as providing a few clear images of yourself in order to assess your body shape. You will then be guided by Caitlin with a series of steps for you to complete in the way of measurements which will be combined to formulate a pdf style portfolio document. This document will be sent to you within a week. This is a personalised style booklet unique to you and your body shape with lifestyle and personality taken into consideration which you can use as a reference and guide book to assist with clothing selection.

If you would like more information or to book please CONTACT CAITLIN.



Caitlin does not align herself with retailers or receive commissions from stores or clothing labels. Any commission that she may be offered will be passed on as a discount to her client. This enables access to a wider range of stores to meet individual client’s requirements.

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