Wardrobe Consultation

(Packaged hourly - minimum 2 hours)            

A wardrobe consultation will assist you to make the most out of existing pieces by enabling better mixing, matching and accessorising. Each session guides you on how to select pieces that will maximise your outfit options and work your existing garments into fantastic, wearable outfits. Most people only wear a small percentage of their wardrobe and the remainder is over cluttered.

A wardrobe consultation is extremely beneficial prior to a personal shopping trip as it assists in recognising shopping patterns and identifies key gaps, which form the basis of a core shopping plan. Client’s lifestyle and budget will be considered at all times.

Style and Body Analysis​         

(Allow 3 hours with wardrobe and colour review)

At your style session you will learn your vertical and horizontal body type and what clothing styles and cuts are best suited to your figure. You will determine your clothing personality and what labels and clothing choices are the best options for you. Careful consideration will be taken in relation to your age, weight, budget and lifestyle. Together you will discuss any body concerns or sensitivities that you may have and will compile an action plan.

You will receive a personalised PDF style booklet compiled by Caitlin filled with information relating to you as well as loads of extra information, shopping tips, labels to look out for and helpful hints. After your style session Caitlin will review your wardrobe answering any key questions or style dilemmas.

Colour Consultation​                      
(Allow 3 hours with style and wardrobe review)

Wearing the wrong colours can result in you looking tired, dull and often unwell. Ensuring that you look your best everyday in colours that enhance your natural features will have you looking and feeling vibrant and alive. During your colour consultation you will learn what colours best suit you and what to look for when shopping for clothing by determining your cool or warm undertone.

You will receive your own personalised colour palette swatch booklet, which you can take shopping with you to ensure you always look your best. A colour consultation is beneficial in conjunction with the style and body analysis.

After your colour consultation Caitlin will review your wardrobe answering any key questions post colour session.​

​Stylist Shopping Trip​                

(Packaged hourly - minimum 2 hours)

* Two hour sessions are only available for special event outfit styling and return clients. Not valid for gift vouchers for first time clients.                     

After conducting a pre shop, Caitlin will accompany you on a shopping trip and will advise you on appropriate styles for your body shape, personal requirements and colouring. Consideration will be made for your needs, budget and lifestyle. Shopping with an expert and seasoned shopper will take the stress out of finding the perfect clothing styles and accessories. You will learn what labels suit your clothing personality, how to layer and wear accessories and have someone to shop with you to help you select ideal garments according to your lifestyle and needs.

Caitlin follows a structured shopping plan working with your budget and there is absolutely no pressure to spend. A wardrobe session prior to a ‘Personal Stylist Shopping Trip’ is beneficial to identify key gaps in the wardrobe, however not essential. Caitlin does not receive commissions from any brand or store nor is aligned with any companies. Client´s requirements are her number one priority.​

*Note- Caitlin prefers to shop 'one on one' with the client. Bringing a friend or partner along for the experience can often become distracting and remove individual focus from the client. Caitlin does not conduct group shopping trips or shop with more than one client at a time as she takes a results driven approach to her shopping sessions.

Outfit Matching Session

After a shopping trip it can often be a little daunting when the new items come home with you and it is time to mix and match. There is the option of a post shopping wardrobe matching session for 2 x hours which can be completed in your home or remotely in the form of a mood board. This way you will be sure to maximise the usage of your new items and will be able to easily draw reference to them if you need a little inspiration.

​Special Occasion / Event Styling​       

A 'Personal Stylist Shopping Trip' is a great way to assist you in finding the perfect outfit for that special occasion. Take the pressure off and allow Caitlin to help you find that special outfit to compliment your body and colouring or alternatively work with you and your dress maker to ensure that the style is the perfect cut, fabric and fit for your body.

Before any shopping trip thorough research is undertaken and a unique action plan is developed as Caitlin understands that your time is valuable. Caitlin has assisted in the design and selection of a range of gowns for media awards and special events such as the Australian Logie Awards, Australian Commercial Radio Awards, Brownlow Awards, ACRAS and various media events along with corporate and company uniforms. In addition to this Caitlin has worked with a range of brides in the selection of the perfect gown. ​​​

​Corporate and Professional Styling​    

Caitlin specialises in corporate styling and offers a professional styling service for clients in the public eye and corporate organisations seeking the perfectly polished image. A large percentage of Caitlin's client base are Australia's top professionals who are head of their field. A sharp appearance is imperative when it comes to ones success in a professional environment. Finding the time and energy to keep appearance up to speed can be a challenge and is often neglected.

After determining your wardrobe requirements, Caitlin will create a budget and wardrobe plan for you or your company. Depending on your time and brief items can be pre selected for you or tailored to your needs. 




Caitlin does not align herself with retailers or receive commissions from stores or clothing labels. Any commission that she may be offered will be passed on as a discount to her client. This enables access to a wider range of stores to meet individual client’s requirements.

Please appreciate many clients work fulltime/week days and there is a good chance you do too, so weekend bookings are often filled several weeks (sometimes months) in advance. If you are considering getting in touch for a weekend booking or have a wardrobe deadline, please leave enough time/notice so that there is adequate time to prepare for you.


'A busy Stylist is a successful Stylist, so please ensure you allow enough time when booking if you have an event or deadline !'