A large number of men find shopping tiring, confusing and uninteresting. As a result they often opt for the safe options resulting in a neat, but uninteresting appearance.



Wearing the right cuts, colour and styles to suit you individually, will make the world of difference to the way you look and feel resulting in a more confident, successful you in both personal and professional environments. There really isn't a big difference in process between mens and women's styling, however men have a little less variety to choose from when it comes to clothing choices, often have less clothing and a simpler process when it comes to body shape analysis. Hence the packages are structured a touch differently to the women's services.

​Mens Style and Shopping Package

A wardrobe review followed by a day personal shopping is a great way to achieve wardrobe organisation with minimal fuss. A quick review will ensure that we utilise exiting items in your wardrobe and will identify any key gaps and areas of focus. A tailored shopping trip will follow in order to fill gaps in the wardrobe to complete that sharp wardrobe capsule. Budget and personal requirements are taken into consideration and shopping trips are tailored to individual needs. The men's wardrobe and shopping package is generally conducted on the same day, however can be split over separate days if requested.

$770.00 Inc GST (for full day - up to 8 hours)


$1100.00 Inc GST (for full day - up to 8 hours with outfit matching session)

NOTE: For the wardrobe and shopping session to be conducted in the one day you will need to live within close proximity to our chosen shopping venue so as to maximise our time. Outfit matching session is completed online or in person on an alternate day.

Personal Shopping


Want to to skip the wardrobe session and start fresh with a shopping trip? 


Prior to commencing the shopping trip Caitlin will meet you for a coffee to run through your client questionnaire and ensure you have a solid action plan in play before hitting the shops. She will then take you on a guided shopping trip based on your brief, budget and requirements.

$330.00 Inc GST (for up to 2 hours)

$450.00 Inc GST (for 3 hours)

$550.00 Inc GST (for half day - 4 hours)

$770.00 Inc GST (for full day - up to 8 hours)

+Add an outfit matching session to any personal shopping trip $330

If you would like to chat about the best option for your needs please CONTACT CAITLIN.




Caitlin does not align herself with retailers or receive commissions from stores or clothing labels. Any commission that she may be offered will be passed on as a discount to her client. This enables access to a wider range of stores to meet individual client’s requirements.