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Personal Image Branding 

Personal presentation is integral to securing a position and succeeding in a professional environment. Academic qualifications aid us in reaching a certain point then our appearance can let us down. We have all heard the saying, "dress for the job you want, rather than the job you have" in actual fact, the greatest success can often be the appearance of success.

Personal image brand refers to your external packaging, which in simple terms is your professional wardrobe and the way in which you dress teamed up with body language and personal grooming. As soon as you enter the room, before you have even opened your mouth you leave an instant impression. Next you are judged on 'how' you speak, your body language and then finally the quality of what you say. When we look good, we start to feel great and when we feel great... well we can take on the world!

Personal branding is the current word on the street. It can be as broad as matching the style of your business cards to the shine of your shoes. Caitlin's focus is on ensuring that what you choose to wear projects who you are and the right image for your brand.

A Personal Image Branding session involves a personal shopping session to your professional brief followed by a full photography session on an alternate day to ensure you have images that are representative of you and your brands for your business and marketing materials. Clients find this useful when it comes to updating their business websites, professional profile images, internal communications, headshots and email signatures.

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There are three main types of tailoring when it comes to suiting, "bespoke", "made to measure" and "off the rack".

Bespoke suiting involves a new pattern being created for each individual person. Every little detail is taken into consideration, the arch of the back, the slope of the neck, width of the chest. Bespoke involves a very detailed series of measurements and multiple fittings. Tailors build on and amend the style at each fitting resulting in a perfectly crafted garment for the individuals body shape. There are few true bespoke tailors around these days.

Made to measure involves an initial fitting to take measurements and then a final fitting once the garment is made where any final alterations can be completed. Made to measure suiting uses an existing pattern and makes basic modifications based on the clients measurements for things such as jacket and sleeve length. There are restrictions to the amount of modifications that can be made and a limited amount of requests for specific design features.

Off the rack suiting is just that. Suits are ready made and predetermined in size. They key is to get the shoulder fit right and then make any necessary alterations to the garment prior to wearing it if it does not fit you right off the rack. A range of higher and lower end brands offer off the rack suiting.

Nowadays there is a tailor on every corner with new businesses appearing each day. Caitlin has a range of trusted contacts that offer bespoke, made to measure and off the rack suiting options for various of different client budgets. She offers group and individual suiting services.

Tailoring sessions are packaged at Personal Shopping rates.

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