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$550.00 Inc GST (for up to 3 hours)

$770.00 Inc GST (for half day - 4-5 hours)

$990.00 Inc GST (for full day - up to 8 hours)

+Additional hour over 8 hours $150.00 Inc GST



A wardrobe consultation is beneficial prior to a Personal Stylist shopping trip as it identifies key gaps which form the basis of your shopping plan.  However, some clients have a plentiful wardrobe and wish to re work their exisiting items into new and fresh looks.

1. Needs assessment

After an initial chat via phone or Zoom to outline your style and wardrobe goals we will begin a style profile and formulate a brief for your session. Most clients undertake a wardrobe consultation to identify gaps, re work exisiting items or perform a cull and edit for items that no longer serve them. There is a move towards a smaller, more conscious and curated wardrobe so making the most of exisiting items and reducing clutter is paramount.

2. Preparation

I ask clients to have all wardrobe items that they would like to review at their session clean and on hand. It saves time and streamlines the process if you undertake an initial cull and the wardrobe is reasonably tidy. You will be emailed session details and preparation tips prior to your consultation.

3. The wardrobe consultation

In most cases the session takes place in the clients home. The time allocated for the wardrobe consultation is based on the initial brief provided which is heavily dependent on the size of the wardrobe. The process may vary from client to client, however at the session we endeavour to assess the majority of the items in the wardrobe including shoes and accessories. We cull or donate items that no longer serve you, alter things that can be redeemed, make a list of wardrobe gaps and see how we can better mix and match the exisiting wearable items.

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