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Express Shopping Trips

Initiated by popular demand express personal shopping trips are the perfect solution for the hater of shopping and lover of feeling good!


They are affordable and efficient with no frills attached and no extras that you don’t really want or need.


We get in, move quickly and get it done!


-You are time poor and not after "an experience" yet need to update your wardrobe

- You know what items you want to purchase

- You are happy to do a little prep at home before we shop

- You have a sound idea of your colours and body shape

How It Works

Before our meeting you'll do a little prep at home to provide an idea of your preferences, style goals and a list of specific items you're looking for. This way we can hit the ground running and dive straight into the shopping session as soon as we meet. Express shopping sessions are carefully planned to run on a strict time schedule so we maximise our time together. Most client's know what they need, they just want someone to do the work for them!

How is this different to regular personal shopping trips?

Our regular personal shopping trips run at a slightly slower pace and are generally geared towards the client who wants to make an experience of it with additional education on style, colour and body shape along with education about different brands and stores.

Personal Stylist Fashion Stylist Clothing Stylist.jpg
Caitlin_Sam shoot_06PRINT 7x10.jpg

A Cost Effective Solution


$330 Inc GST for 2.5 hours (Ideal for tailoring session or for the client who is after a few "injection" pieces)

$440 Inc GST for 4 hours (Ideal for grabbing a few outfits for a seasonal update or specific brief)

Express sessions are ONLY available in Sydney CBD with limited availability. They are not suitable for a full wardrobe makeover.

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