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CS Express Style Capsule

Chances are you’ve landed here because you are looking for a little style inspiration. You’ve been trawling through the sea of Personal Stylists, reading BIO’s, snooping on socials and checking out pricing. Not everyone has bundles of money to spend on a complete style package or maybe you do but only need a few personalised ideas for the current season. I get it.​ This may just be what you need!



How It Works

You will be asked to fill out a copy of my new client questionnaire and upload a photo of yourself just so I can learn a little about you, your background and what you wish to achieve including your shopping budget. 


The Capsule

I will compile a whole bunch of suggestions available in store now for you to purchase, or head into the stores and try. Items will reflect the key season offerings and suggestions will be made based on your body shape, coloring and budget.


The Follow Up

After your capsule is complete you will have the opportunity to submit any follow up questions for two weeks post session.


The Best Part

We are now connected and for the price you would spend on a night out - you've made the start. Sometimes a little push in the right direction is enough to motivate you and have you off and flying again in no time!

The CS Express Style Capsule is available for the month of March only and there is limited availability.

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