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Style & Body Analysis Consultation



Many people instinctively know the styles that flatter their shape. However, a style and body analysis can provide clarification when it comes to accentuating your assets and feeling comfortable in your clothing. The style and body analysis can be completed as an individual service or as part of a package depending on clients requirements and is suitable for all genders.

1. Needs assessment

Like all of my style services, after an initial chat, new clients are asked to complete a copy of my new client questionnaire prior to commencing the session. This ensures that the correct service is booked to achieve the desired result and we can formulate a style brief. After completing the questionnaire you will be sent a booking confirmation email entailing all that you will need to do to prepare for your session.

2. The consultation

The style and body analysis is usually completed in the clients home to ensure we have easy access to the wardrobe. After an initial chat we will discuss the different body shapes and take a series of measurements to determine your vertical and horizontal body shape. The analysis can also be completed without taking measurements at the clients request. Once we have discussed the findings we work through a selection of digital clothing images, referring to items you own and your favourite styles. Things like the most flattering cut of jeans for your body shape, length of jackets and the rise of pants are all key areas of focus. The style and body analysis mixes the scientific with the creative to achieve an informative and useful outcome.

3. Wardrobe at a glance

If you've selected the style and body analysis as part of a package we might delve into a thorough wardrobe consultation or plan a shopping trip. However, if you have selected this as an individual service I include a brief wardrobe review after the analysis. This means you have the chance to ask any questions about specific items in your wardrobe that may have come to mind during your session.

3. Follow up

Post session I will compile a personalised style pdf portfolio for you. This is a style bible which will entail informal on all of the styles we have discussed at your session for you to refer to when needed. It is great to have on hand if you feel like you need a quick style reboot and a little inspiration at any point in the future. After you have received the booklet you will have the opportunity to ask any questions or request additional information.

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