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Ask Caitlin

Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we receive. We welcome you to reach out if you would like to chat more.

How can I get the most out of a styling session?

When working with a Personal Stylist you will obtain the most benefit from your session if you relax and trust the process. A great Stylist will never force you into a look that you are not comfortable with and there should never be any pressure to purchase. Styling sessions with clients who are reluctant to try anything new or are firmly set in old ways are never as productive as those who embrace change. The objective of the exercise is to challenge yourself and step out of the comfort zone. If you want to make real and meaningful change, the more open minded you are, the more fruitful the result.

Why should I work with you over another Stylist?

I have been in business for a long time and will only take on a project if I am confident I am the right fit for the brief. If I feel another Stylist may be more suited to the job, I advise accordingly. I have a great relationship with many of Australia's fellow Stylists and am a firm believer of community over competition. We chat regularly, share tips and refer clients to each other if we feel they might be better suited.

Why can't I just book a package and pay instantly via this website?

Without a quick chat about their needs clients usually over or underestimate the time needed to achieve their brief. In many cases new clients book services they don't need or don't book enough time to achieve their goals. A quick chat before booking (especially with new clients) ensures expectations are managed effectively and that the right service is booked for the clients budget and requirements. A lot of my work is project based so my exclusive in- person personal styling sessions book out quickly each season and are limited in number each season.

Do you require a minimum spend for clothing when on a shopping trip?

What you spend is up to you. Some clients like to try on clothing without making a purchase to get a feel for different styles and brands. However, if you do wish to update your wardrobe the more you save to put towards your session the more satisfied you will feel with a tangible result. I always discuss budget and brands with clients prior to any shopping trip in order to formulate a solid brief. Your budget will dictate the stores and brands in which we shop.

Do you subcontract styling services out to other Stylists or will I be working with you?

To put this simply, no one is going to love my business or work hard for my clients the way I do.

I have a network of experienced Stylists who work with me on large projects and events when a full team is required. However, I do not subcontract individual personal styling sessions to other Stylists. If we find we are not the best fit professionally or I can't accomodate the booking I will happily refer you to another trusted Stylist.

Will you cater to my preferences for brands?

I am guided by the client on brands and stores. I have some clients who prefer the high end international brands, others shop high street fashion and some prefer a sustainable approach to shopping. My job as a professional Stylist is to cater to your specific needs in an impartial and non judegemntal manner when it comes to preferred brands and budget. I am well versed on local and international brands and highly results driven.

Should pricing influence my decision when choosing a Stylist?


Styling services are not comparable when it comes to price. Most of our pricing is pretty similar so I suggest you consider all factors in addition to pricing such as experience, training and their area of speciality. 

Do you receive commissions from brands and stores?

No. I work as an independent Consultant and am not aligned to any retailers or stores.  I am well known within major shopping centres, however adopt a private approach as if shopping with a friend. I do not announce myself when entering a store and in many cases shop discreetly with my clients (my clients are often mistaken for friends or a partner). Any commission I may be offered I pass on to the client in the form of a discount. I am offered discounts for my clients from some brands and stores which clients find helpful when updating their wardrobe. In many cases these discounts offset the price of the styling session, so you can actually get your styling session for free!

Where will you take me shopping?

We can shop anywhere. I spend a great deal of time shopping in the Sydney CBD due to the scope and variety. However, understand that this is not always convenient for some. A client may prefer to shop in their local centre close to home. I am well versed on most of the Sydney and Melbourne surrounding centres and always do my research. Sizing and budget requirements may also dictate where we go, so we always chat this through prior to any trip. I have interstate clients in Melbourne and take regular trips to service their updates. If you are Melbourne based please reach out and I will advise on dates of my next trip.

What are your terms and conditions of service?

My terms and conditions of service and information on out of Sydney Metro travel can be found HERE.

What areas do you specialise in?

A lot of my work is project based. I consult on corporate dress policy reviews, run corporate workshops, educate and advise companies when re branding. I work with a large percentage of Sydney’s experts in law, politics, CEO’s, journalism, media and a plethora of incredible (and sometimes quirky) entrepreneurs. A lot of my clients are people we see in media and print regularly due to their roles, however their confidentiality is paramount so you won't see them all over my marketing materials. For this reason I am one of the preferred consultants for those in the public arena who value discretion.

My services are of course not limited and I have a range of busy parents, students and fashionistas on my books as well.

How many sessions will I need to see results?

Great results can be achieved in as little as one styling session. I ask that new clients spend a minimum of 4 hours with me initially. Subsequent sessions can be booked at 2 hours for regular wardrobe updates. Personal styling has no finish line. It is up to you as the client to carry on the good work we have completed at your session and continue to put effort into dressing each day. This is a team effort and you've got to work with me!

Do you do this full-time?

The majority of personal styling businesses operate as "hobby businesses." However, Caitlin Stewart Personal Styling is my full-time occupation. I have worked hard to build my business, am highly trained and have an exceptional client list that I work tirelessly to maintain. I thank you in advance for your respect for my time and livelihood just as you do your own, I love what I do, but it's not a weekend hobby.

The Personal Stylist industry is just so crowded. How do I choose the right Stylist for me?

Personal Stylists now find themselves in a grossly oversaturated and unregulated market. It not only means competition for the Stylist, it also makes it really difficult for clients to sift through and choose a qualified Stylist to work with.

I have listed some tips below for choosing a Personal Stylist or Image Consultant to work with:

  • Ask for client testimonials along with previous clients who are happy to be contacted to provide a reference, remember website testimonials can be fabricated so check out some Google Reviews or speak with clients.

  • Make a phone call. The best way to determine if you have chosen the right Stylist for you is to call them for a chat. This way you get the feel of not only their personality, but also it provides you with the opportunity to ask any questions or request additional detail on services. 

  • Ask for a CV. In the age of social media we often forget to look at the CV and the actual work the Stylist has completed including companies they have worked with. You can download mine HERE .

  • Most Stylists will have undertaken formal training like fashion or image consultant training. Ask for details of any training. Whilst it is not an industry regulated by training it’s great to know that there are some formal skills in play to back you up.

  • Listing a service on a website doesn’t always mean they are experienced in that area. For example if a Stylist lists corporate seminars on their website, request a list of companies and references that they have worked with and give the referees a call. If they style photo shoots or say they work with celebrities ask for portfolio images or for them to list the talent and publications. 


"Working together is a team effort. Inspiring each other in the  delightful process of collaboration!"

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