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Corporate Styling

I am well known in the styling arena for being the go-to Stylist for corporate projects. I possess one of the most extensive client lists in the styling industry, which you can view HERE.


I have seasoned expertise in navigating the dynamic corporate landscape and not only bring a wealth of experience to the table, I maintain energy and freshness that resonates with the desires of modern organisations.

I still remember running my first corporate workshop as an enthusiastic 23 year old who was very new to the industry. The session was compulsory for attendees and included senior executives, which meant some of them didn't want to be there. I'll leave you to imagine how the story went.... 

Today it is safe to say things are much different. I offer both personal and group image products for corporate clients which are tailored to the individual company brief. I possess a range of connections within the fashion and image industries and have resources readily available to ensure that objectives are met in a cost effective and timely manner.


"The corporate dress code is changing. And so is the way we style corporate."


In past times an Image Consultant was engaged to speak to company employees on how to dress for the workplace, effective personal grooming and provide style guidelines to adhere to. As workplace culture is becoming more informal and inclusive a modern and flexible approach is essential. And it is safe to say we would be laughed out of the room if we tried this outdated approach in today's climate!

Why engage a Stylist for your organisation?



I offer corporate image seminars with a modern edge. We don't tell people how to dress anymore, we offer suggestions on how they can elevate their look and feel empowered personally and professionally. There is a desire to adopt a fresh approach in corporate image consulting aligned with the work-from-home culture. We are also excited to be able to meet together again, all in person, in the one room!


Our workshops offer a high energy, interactive approach whilst being informative and targeted to your needs.​ All content is customised to the individual organisation, company vision and brand. Whether it's an offsite team building exercise with a fashion focus or a complete workforce seeking to elevate their current look, we have you covered.


Seminars and workshops can be tailored to large and small groups and are gender inclusive. Workshops can run from a few hours to a full weekend retreat and are tailored to the organisations requirements.


Key Areas of Focus 

  • First impressions

  • Projecting an elevated professional image

  • Colour analysis workshops

  • Styling body shapes (male, female or non-gender specific)

  • Business casual

  • Personal image branding

  • Seasonal trends

  • Accessories 

  • The wardrobe capsule

  • Professional wardrobe essentials

  • Tips on where to shop

  • Employee well-being *COMING SOON



Corporate Styling Workshops


Corporate Dress Policy Review


In light of a more relaxed workplace culture team members are requesting organisations review their corporate dress policy. Interestingly, companies who view a corporate dress policy as stuffy and outdated often possess issues with employee presentation. Most professions come with a uniform or corporate dress policy guideline. Uniforms ensure everyone looks cohesive in the same attire and are important in many professions, whereas a corporate dress policy aims to achieve a similar appearance between employees or team members providing an "on brand" look.

One of the main objectives of having a corporate dress policy is to bring consistency to the workplace and develop a recognisable brand to those externally. The policy is normally created by the HR Department in conjunction with other managers with the input of other team members. However, having a third party Consultant conduct an independent review can be thorough and effective.


I utilise a several step process which involves conducting qualitative and quantitative research engaging with team members. Styling recommendations are then presented based on these findings. Once the final design concept is approved we then develop a creative means of delivering the project to the wider team via an event or online activation. I can source and liaise with external uniform suppliers, manage the design process and utilise your companies internal recourses.  If the company does not wear a uniform a cohesive style and presentation guide is often the key to a cohesive look.

This process is generally conducted over several months depending on the company size and scope.

Corporate Branding Projects & Shoots

Companies spend a fortune on branding, however when it comes to company style and branding shoots, this element often gets left behind.

Having corporate shoots professionally styled makes a significant difference when it comes to the finished product. It enables the coordination of the team members wardrobe, creates a cohesive look across the board and allows the shoot to run smoothly achieving maximum impact. The finished image and end goal is paramount and a Stylist knows the steps required to get there.

I can work independently on a branding project or have access to a team of trusted contacts to bring the vision to life.

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