Corporate Styling

The Corporate Individual

There are those who shop for enjoyment and those who just want to get the job done. You will generally find your corporate shopper fits into the latter category. A corporate shopping trip happens a little faster than the leisurely seasonal update. Caitlin's corporate clients are time poor and when they do have time the last thing they want to do is shop. They do, however understand the importance of sharp professional dressing so whilst all shopping trips are targeted the corporate shop is extremely focused and highly efficient as we skim through the stores in order to find specific pieces and get you right back to work.

Corporate shopping sessions are packaged at Personal Shopping rates.


Corporate Company Styling

Caitlin offers both personal and group image products for corporate professionals which are tailored to an individual company brief. She understands that your company objective is unique and a generic solution may not be quite enough, hence every workshop is developed with your needs as paramount.

Caitlin possesses a range of connections within the fashion and image industries and has resources readily available to ensure that your professional needs are met in a cost effective and timely manner. The face of corporate dress is changing. As workplaces are becoming increasingly more casual a modern and flexible approach is essential. 

Key Areas of Focus 

  • Professional and corporate image seminars (held on site at your company)

  • Induction and corporate image training

  • Image and style workshops (team building and interactive)

  • Train the trainer

  • Corporate team building

  • Fashion parades and events for corporate organisations

  • Individual corporate wardrobe plans and "personal image branding" for professionals

  • Dress for success "job ready" workshops for students and new graduates

  • The changing face of corporate dress

Professional and Corporate Image Seminars 

Caitlin offers corporate image seminars with a modern edge. Workplace culture is becoming increasingly more relaxed and there was a need to adopt a fresh approach when it comes to "Corporate Image Consulting" methods especially with many now working from home. Caitlin's workshops offer a high energy, interactive approach whilst being informative and targeted to your needs.

All content is customised to individual companies and each respective industry considering characteristics, company vision and brand. Whether it's an offsite team building exercise with a fashion focus, group of individuals in need of a polish or a company image overhaul, Caitlin has you covered.


Caitlin's seminars are entertaining and engaging yet offer practical information and key image pointers aimed to assist with professional dress and company branding. The workshops are interactive and adopt a 'hands on' approach, which encourages team building through interaction, whilst demanding audience attention.


Seminars and workshops can be tailored to large and small as well as mixed gender groups. 


Key Areas of Focus 

  • The importance of first impressions

  • Tips on how to project the right professional image

  • The best colours to wear when - based on individual skin tone and dress code

  • Dressing tips for different male and female body shapes

  • Guide to 'business casual' and business dress codes

  • How to build a professional wardrobe and "personal image brand"

  • Corporate workplace dressing dress do's and dont's

  • The latest in professional wardrobe styles and trends

  • Accessories - how to achieve that creative point of difference

  • Body language

  • How to make your mark and dress to impress - "the professional edge"

Seminars can range from a few hours to a full day workshop based on company requirements.​



Train the Trainer 

We understand that outsourcing is not always the most finically viable option for your company and quite frankly it would be easier for you to do it yourself. Why not think about our 'train the trainer' packages which enable you to deliver similar image workshops to your staff as frequently as need be without the additional cost of regular outsourcing. All you will need to do is check in every now and then for a few tips and seasonal updates.

Corporate Style Events 

More often than not an organisation is on point when it comes to corporate and professional image. In this instance a corporate style event can be a great way to showcase the key season trends in professional fashion, provide some fun tips and hints on what is upcoming for the season and give back to those team members who have been working hard all year. A corporate style event can take the form of a fashion parade or workshop, interactive style session or activity based team building exercise.


Image Workshops and Seminars in Schools

Caitlin is experienced in working with school students conducting seminars and workshops on how to build a positive professional image. These seminars are aimed to equip students for the workplace projecting a confident and professional presence at workplace training and interviews. Caitlin's work has involved seminars with at risk teenagers and those who require a little extra assistance. Caitlin has also worked with not for profit organisation Dress For Success Sydney with groups of disadvantaged teenagers in high school on image and professional development.

Caitlin is quite often happy to donate her time free of charge to schools in lower socioeconomic areas of Sydney in order to build confidence with students when it comes to putting their best foot forward in a competitive job market.

Please ENQUIRE for corporate styling rates as services and packages re tailored to individual company requirements.


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