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Styling For Men

Can you believe 40% of my clients are men? Yes, it's true!


Many Personal Stylists only work as a Stylist for women. However, there is a large demand for a men's Personal Stylist and I thoroughly enjoy the process. Dress codes are becoming more relaxed across both personal and professional arenas. In previous times it was easy to duck into a suit store and walk out looking perfectly corporate, however now with the increase in popularity of the smart casual separates, it can all become a little overwhelming.


Wearing complimentary cuts, colours and styles can make the world of difference to the way in which you look, feel and present to the world. This can result in a more confident and successful YOU in both personal and professional environments.

There really isn't a big difference in process between men's and women's styling. However, men have a little less variety to choose from when it comes to clothing choices and have smaller wardrobes so my process is a little different.

"A large number of men find shopping tiring, confusing and boring. As a result they opt for the safe options resulting in a neat, yet uninteresting appearance."

mens styling

"We all know that one man. He enters the room with a presence that captivates, a confidence that radiates."

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