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Personal Stylist Shopping Trip



All Personal Stylist shopping trips take a collaborative approach and follow a structured shopping plan representative of your budget and individual needs.

1. Needs assessment

Depending on your requirements an initial phone, Zoom or pre shopping consultation will outline your style goals, budget and any special requirements. You will be asked to complete a copy of my new client questionnaire, which will provide me with some background on your style, sizing requirements and allow me to formulate a clear brief.

2. Pre shopping preparation

We begin to create a personalised style profile based on your preferences and needs. For some clients a wardrobe consultation is beneficial to undertake prior to the personal stylist shopping trip. It may identify key gaps in the wardrobe and allow us to integrate exisiting pieces with the new purchases. This is not essential and some clients prefer to make a fresh start.

Once I have a solid brief, I can create a session plan and conduct a pre shop prior to our session.

3. The shopping trip

We meet at our agreed shopping venue and hit the shops!

You will be emailed all of the details prior to your shopping day. The time allocated for your shopping trip is based on your requirements and stores are selected to your brief. We follow a structured plan and in some cases items may be pre selected for you to try or an appointment will be arranged with a tailor or store if required. If we are shopping for the full day (YES some people do) we break for lunch and can stop for a coffee as often as you need!

4. In store experience

We work together to try on different outfits and experiment with styles, colours and cuts. I will provide constructive feedback and make suggestions which are designed to gently push you out of your comfort zone and elevate your style. Through the process I offer tips on mixing and matching, colour analysis and accessorising. How much and what you choose to purchase is entirely up to you. It helps if we make purchases as we go as we can build on each purchase to make outfits and build a capsule.

5. Post shopping follow up

A week or so after your shopping trip I will check in to answer any questions or provide additional styling tips.

Some clients opt for an outfit matching session, which can be completed in person or remotely. This may assist with integrating new items into your exisiting wardrobe for maximum versatility. 

The process may vary depending on clients needs and external factors beyond our control. Shopping trips can be taken virtually.

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