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"My ankles were shaking as we raced around the woman’s fashion floor in one of the large Sydney department stores. Her fast paced little footsteps not three feet behind me, so close that I could feel her breath on the back of my neck. It was that moment that I realised, I am doing this, I am really doing this….


Fifteen years ago it started with a dream, which I passionately developed into a career and stood resilient in a competitive industry.


It only takes that one person to believe in you 
he way you believe in yourself to give you that start. Today I have an incredible CV and diverse database of inspiring clients, I look forward to the adventures that come with each new challenge."

- Caitlin 

Caitlin is one of Australia's most successful Personal Stylist's. She works to combine the scientific with the creative to meet her client’s personal styling and image consulting needs. Caitlin offers a range of personal styling and professional styling services to individuals and companies Australia wide. Personal Stylist services include individual style consultations, colour consultant services and wardrobe consultation sessions. Caitlin also offers wardrobe styling for TV and media and a range of professional and corporate image consultant packages including professional keynote speaking and corporate image presentations.

Caitlin guides her clients in developing their own personal image brand by teaming fashion with lifestyle, budget and individual requirements. Caitlin's vast fashion industry experience is complemented with local and international style and image training, which forms her major competitive advantage in a crowded, unregulated industry.


Caitlin holds a strong presence within her industry as a Personal Stylist and Trainer. She has taught and mentored a number of the Personal Stylist's and Fashion Consultants within the current market and has newly introduced MY STYLIST MENTOR a collaborative and skill building hub for established and aspiring Personal Stylists.
From individual shopping trips, personal stylist sessions, group workshops, wardrobe and media styling, Caitlin´s strong eye for detail is demonstrated in her work through a wide range of projects. Caitlin relies on her flawless work ethic, impressive CV and large number of of satisfied clients to speak for her and her work. Caitlin is a trained Image Consultant as well as a Personal Stylist and includes colour consultations and style analysis in her listed services.


Caitlin is an astute business woman, mother and great friend to many of her long terms clients. 

Caitlin operates on a full-time basis on a diverse range of  personal styling projects.