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Nowadays there is a tailor on every corner and it can be really difficult to know where to start. I have a range of trusted contacts that offer bespoke, made to measure and off the rack suiting options to suit varying client needs. We offer group and individual suiting services which are gender inclusive.


Many Tailors feel uneasy about working with a Stylist as they feel having a "middleman" is an unnecessary expense for the client and they feel confident in coordinating not only the design, but the styling process. Working with a Stylist and Tailor who engage in the beautiful process of collaboration allows a wholistic approach to your entire wardrobe. It ensures that your new tailored items coordinate perfectly with your existing wardrobe and additional off the rack purchases for both work and play.


"Both Tailor and Stylist bring a unique skillset to the most delicate of projects and the results are just magic."


Bespoke Suiting

Outsourcing what many people find overwhelming and stressful can offer immense value in the long term. Bespoke suiting involves a new pattern being created for each individual person. Every little detail is taken into consideration. The arch of the back, the slope of the neck, width of the chest. Bespoke involves a very detailed series of measurements and multiple fittings. Tailors build on and amend the style at each fitting resulting in a perfectly crafted garment for the individuals body shape. There are few true bespoke Tailors around these days that follow this traditional process.


Made to Measure

Made To Measure involves an initial fitting to take measurements and then a final fitting once the garment is made where any final alterations can be completed. Made to measure suiting uses an existing pattern and makes basic modifications based on the clients measurements for things such as jacket and sleeve length. There are restrictions to the amount of modifications that can be made and a limited amount of requests for specific design features.


Off The Rack

Off The Rack suiting is just that. Suits are ready made and predetermined in size. They key is to get the shoulder fit right and then make any necessary alterations to the garment prior to wearing it if it does not fit you right off the rack. Both higher and lower end brands offer off the rack suiting. It can be an effective option if you are faced with time constraints or working to a budget.

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